The Walls of Jericho

Remember all that talk about the long slog from October through November and then leading up to Christmas and how much of that is about crossing the Jordan and getting ready for the end of the age.  Even the lead up Sundays to Christmas are about the coming of Christ as a child in the manger but also as King and Judge.

When Israel crossed the Jordan and entered the land there had to be a conquest to take that land and possess it.  God told them how to do it and that He would be there as their strength.  There is an image of unconquerable foes, unbeatable enemies, unassailable hoards rising against  us and we have “one little word” to fell them and that word is Christ.  It brings to memory the dread news and fear of those around David when he wanted to go down and do battle with the giant Goliath.  He wasn’t big enough, the helmet was to big, he couldn’t carry the shield and on and on it went.  David said something to the effect that if those around him wanted something to worry about they should worry for the giant because it was David and God against the poor little giant.  Walls of Jericho, Sennacheribs army and its investment of Jerusalem – a story written on his stele with no mention of it’s capture because it wasn’t, and the Egyptians attack of the people of Israel at the Red Sea are some of the impossible odds overcome because God is on your side.

Here is a song about it.