[cincopa AIBAWaboSIVe]

We want our Christmas to be peaceful.  I usually write these blogs very early in the morning while I watch the news and our world and life is anything but peaceful. I wonder what will happen next.  This morning for instance the Humphrey Terminal at the Airport in Minneapolis is closed down because of a bomb threat.  Every day brings some crazy new “news” and it never seems to end.  There is a war against Christmas and Christianity and disputations in the public square about what we can say.  The “Duck Dynasty” craziness is going on and I am waiting this morning for the groups that support the “thieves, the greedy, the drunkards the slanderers and the swindlers” to jump on board and attack the duck guy.  (See 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 NIV)

There was nothing peaceful about the first Christmas either.  Life was chaotic and much like our world, people’s live were turned upside down by the actions and rulings of political leaders that thought that simply by speaking the word, they could make something work.  I sympathize with you if you lost your health insurance but think if you had to walk to your home town to register to pay the exorbitant taxes that it is going to cost all of us to pay for the insurance that you lost.  Politicians have never been friendly to Christianity even when they pretend to be Christians  Remember Jesus was a political refugee before he was five years old.

Anyway this is my second favorite version of “Away in a Manger”.  This is the Kirkpatrick tune.  I like the Murray tune better but to each their own.  Please don’t organize any boycotts of the blog because I stated my opinion.  By the way isn’t a “boycott” sexist and an affront to women?