sennacheribWe have talked about Nineveh and Mosul and Jonah and Sennacherib the King whose mighty army was strangely defeated.  The Bible says that Angels killed 185,000 of Sennacherib’s troops in one night. Herodutus a Greek historian believes that a mass of mice came into the camp and caused damage to the Assyrian archers bows and folks who don’t like miracles believe the mice carried bubonic plague and that is why the army died.  Whatever!  The Bible indicates the people and army of Jerusalem never engaged the Assyrians at all, they only saw the dead bodies.

C.S. Lewis takes a different tack that is kind of cool.

The Bible says Sennacherib’s campaign was foiled
By an angel: in Herodotus it says, by mice-
Innumerably nibbling all one night they toiled
To eat away his bow-strings as warm wind eats ice.

But muscular archangels, I suggest, employed
Seven little jaws to labour at each slender string
And by their aid, weak masters though they be, destroyed
The smiling-lipped Assyrian, cruel bearded king.

No stranger that Omnipotence should choose to need
Small helps than great- no stranger if His action lingers
Till men have prayed, and suffers our weak prayers indeed
To move as very muscles in his delaying fingers,

Who, in His longanimity and love for our
Small dignities, enfeebles for a time, His power.

-C.S. Lewis, Sonnet, from Poems