Banner Picture for Immanuel in Grand Forks where a benefit for Mick Peppard will be held.

We keep reminding everyone that we started this blog to help us remember and understand the connections, the way our paths cross under the Cross up here in the North Country.

Immanuel Lutheran in Grand Forks North Dakota will host a benefit for Mick Peppard, the son of Jean (Schumacher) Peppard on Sunday February 19th from 12 – 2 pm, at the church, 1710 Cherry Street.  Paradiso Restaurant will provide a taco bar.  There will be a free will offering taken and the proceeds will go to help defray the cost of the many medical expenses Mich has incured from a progressive kidney disease.  Funds will be matched by Thrivent.  Donations can be sent to Immanuel Lutheran Church 1710 Cherry Street, Grand Forks, ND 58201.

That’s the who, what, when and where.  The connections list is what is important.  Mick is a part of the Schumacher clan and if you are not aware – the earth is covered by water 3/4 percent.  I have come to believe that the other 1/4 is covered by Schumachers.  You laugh but I have been to their family reunions.  Somehow through my clan (I am not sure how) one of my relatives married ointo the Schumacher clan as well.

They are over in Minnesota too.  They are probably a part of many congregations over there and they are marvelous witnesses to Christ and his mercy wherever they go.  In my memory one of the best Bible scholars I have ever known was part of this bunch.  My Sunday School superintendant is too.  Folks that have witnessed an helped me over the years are a part of this family.  One of the members of the floor commitee that helped pass so many mercy emphasis at the North Dakota convention is a member too.  He gave me the pictures of the folks living under the bridge out in Williston because he is concerned about people that he has never met.  Members of this clan are in  Minnesota congregations supporting Project 24.  Some of them are writing for CPH and are some music ministers at churches in St. Louis.  Many of them are organists right here in North Dakota.

I saw Mick in the hospital a while back and the onset of his troubles was as sudden as it is mysterious.  But through it all he exibits that Schumacher determination and quiet faith, and of course the “clan” is never far from his side.  They were there fro me when my wife was sick.  Anyway they are wonderful helpers and equipers and encouragers.  So if you can give Mick some encouragement and help it would be much appreciated.