Pastor Allen Anderson wrote an LWML prayer service entitled C>A>R>E>S.  He did a great job.  The LWML at Zion English in Grafton used the acronym but changed the corresponding words to Calling and Commissioning; Allocating; Rejoicing; Energizing and Serving.  The point of the service was to show how the LWML and the church at large participate through their offerings and prayers in calling our missionaries around the world, in allocations of those resources through their participation in conventions and the offering of grants. The service explained  that we can rejoice in the work that we do in expanding Christ’s mission, and we can energize our missionaries by prayer and financial support and recognizing their life milestones like birthdays and anniversaries.  We can serve in many ways as well by recruiting friends and family members to be missionaries and GEO’s.

Anyway some very talented people got together and made a great display for the service.  It had flowers and a bunch of women’s shoes that were interesting and brought to mind the LWML pledge where women off their hearts hands lips and live to Christ service and not to be out done, their feet to go on his errands.

Anyway it was a nice service.  We reprinted some of the prayer cards and biographical information of some missionaries and prayed for them in the service.

You can do the same by going to and getting that information in bulletins format.