Last week was a busy time.  There were two funerals and visits to the cemetary.  Then there were several burials from the winter.  I talked to some of the funeral directors and their staff and it is a very unusual time for them as they have burials backed up through out the summer.  It is a part of life up here in the north country that winter is great disrupter.  It may seem peaceful and beautiful when things are nestled beneath a blanket of snow, but winter is the disrupter.  Anyway as I was coming back from one burial way out in the country I saw an obelisk across the road and drove over to check it out.  There was a small plot of fenced in grass and a few graves back in the corner of the lot but there was no identifier except this sign.  Very simple.  “German Lutheran Cemetary”.  There is no identifier of a church that might have been there.  There is something somber about a cemetery that seems to be disconnected from a church or from what was a church ground at one time.  Usually there is some marking that a burial ground was a part of a worshipping community at one time.  There is a fascinating story behind many of these places but sadly we have no way of knowing what they are.