For many years it is been something of a battle between my desire to try to keep Christmas hymns and carols as close to Christmas as possible, and to maintain the flavor and the sense of Advent.  I can complain about it until the cows come home and it doesn’t make much difference. I can complain about Christmas songs being sung right after Halloween but nobody seems to care. So for whatever reason it seems important to try to get Christmas songs before Christmas, because we know that as soon as Christmas Eve is over, the Christmas trees are out on the garbage dump and Christmas day marks the beginning of something else.

That definite 12 day commemoration that marks the season of Christmas is not even thought of any more.  That brought back the memory of this song. It is a very quick introduction and just about the time you get the hang of it as you’re watching the movie, “The Odessa File”. The movie moves on to something else. But it is a haunting little melody and the catchy little tune stuck with me for years but I could never figure out where this song came from. Through the wonders of the Internet I found out it was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber the author of all the wonderful songs from “Cats”, the  “Phantom of the Opera”, and many other plays.  To me it is the classic oom-pah band song.  Nothing religious about it really, but it is fun. So here is my cover of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s “Christmas dream.”