In times of trial murkiness confusion and even despair,it is one of the great triumphant privileges of a Christian to think about and hold on to the concepts of comfort and trust. Those two concepts of comfort and trust are all over the Old Testament .
Comfort comes with Gods anger and wrath being turned away and folks understand they have a gracious God who is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. For us comfort comes from the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death on the cross that brings us peace, and the absolute certainty that God will do everything to save us which is a gift of the Holy Spirit. The forward-looking image we see as we leave the cross were God gave his son to take our sins away, is the promise that with him God will give us everything else too.
This then, produces trust. Like comfort, trust has various shades of meaning. It can take on the image of leaning upon God for all of our needs. It could mean to take refuge in him because he is our mighty Fortress. It is the general sense of feeling safe and secure because we have all of God‘s mercy and grace and love in Jesus Christ and so we put all of our hope in God.