If you are confused about what happened between November 4th and 6th and why I seem to be reacting to something that wasn’t published that is because that is what happened.  I wrote a blog entitled “All Saints revisited – and 6 degrees of separation – David Strohshein” that was to be published on the 5th but wasn’t.  I did send the advance article to some friends and acquaintances that I have had occasional theological discourse with to hear what they thought.  I have asked their opinion on stuff before and wondered about this one.  I received the reaction that I thought I would but the reaction of the laymen in my little group was stunning.  The laymen all told me that the clergy reaction to the words I was wondering about would be “violent”.  The words were “slovinliness” and “shallowness”.   The words did produce a rather animated reaction from preachers, but I thought that the word “violent” from laymen was interesting and disturbing. 

Anyway the article that I am reacting to in “The Power of Words” is coming soon.