Got this from Debbie Larson.  She has been at the LWML Conventions in North Dakota and Minnesota.  Talked about this situation in “A Fire and a Witness”.

Hello, Pastor.
It is Thursday afternoon, July 5, and Scott and I are back on the ranch. We are on high alert (still pre-evac status) but we were blessed with 3/4 inch of rain last night and believe we are not at risk at this time. However, we’ve received word that
7 homes, along with other structures, were lost and they are still not allowed back in the two large subdivisions across the highway from us.  God is good all the time, even as our earthly possessions may be destroyed. There are no certainties in this life, except our certainty in a Lord that loves us and is with us every step of the way. Today, as every day, I thank my Lord and Savior for the faith He has given me and I pray I will always find peace in the comfort that can only come from Him. I also am so blessed to share Jesus’ message with those around me. This is not a gift to keep to one’s self!  Thanks for the prayers. Please continue to pray for the fires throughout the USA.