I have a vague recollection of being at the Tampa Bay Florida airport years ago with Bill Sharpe, but my recollection is of he and I having to walk out on the tarmac and get on a duel engine prop airplane, but I can’t remember where we flew too or why we there in the first place.

We were probably at a convention at one city and decided to rent a car and go off to another city and then we had a get a flight back to the first place in order to go home. Anyway here I am back at the Tampa Bay Area, and it is quite nice. This is the view from the convention center. I think this is called the Canal Section of town. Last night we went to the old part of the city and had dinner at the place were “iceberg” lettuce was invented.

Anyway, this is the 67 regular convention of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and the theme is Joyfully Lutheran: Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks. I went to the exhibit hall and saw the Project 24/Christ’ Care for Children Booth, and it is well done. Bob Wurl and Kissinger are there as is Missionary Wolf. Our new LWML President, Debbie Larson, was there as well and she sends greetings.

Today we get to have orientation, and I got a new gadget. I can carry it around and look like a big shot who knows what he is doing.


Since I am an advisory delegate and my advice might be very important, I get a “get on the microphone quick” gadget. I can’t imagine using it, but I will be taught soon.

My advice so far is that this church body has a lot to rejoice about. Great things have been done with partner churches around the world. There is push back against a strong Lutheran Identity and a winsome witness to the Gospel. We have the usual progressive/conservative wrangling that can make for some tough battles, but Christ is the be-all and end-all of all. There should be a way to focus on Him so that our joy can be found only in Him.

I’ll try to keep up with what is happening here and pray that you might be interested. I hope my gadget is not top secret and that showing it on the blog is not illegal.