Dahlstrom Motors - Oslo Minnesota

 Dahlstrom motors is the epitome of a small town business that has become something of an institution.  Back at the turn of the other century, around 1905, Dick Dahlstrom‘s grandfather had a harness shop that went out of business.  So grandpa rather than trying to reinvent the buggy and harness business started dealing in horseless carriages.  He evidently made the right decision because Dahlstrom is still in business and seems to be going strong.  They seem to have made the car buying experience actually kind of fun.  There is no esoteric paper shuffling and arcane mathematical equations figured out in a closed office with a salesmen coming to you with a sheen of sweat on his brow, shaking his head and saying,  “it’s the best I can do”.  You get the best deal he has and it is a pretty straightforward transaction.

Oslo also understands floods.  If my memory serves Oslo has been surrounded by water and sometimes cut off from the “mainland” for several weeks at a time in the Spring and they sympathize with their neighbors to the West.  In trying to help with the clean up in Minot a vehicle was needed to carry people and supplies since most volunteers show up in RV’s and have no other transportation.  Bill Sharpe sent out a call for a vehicle and Dahlstrom’s generously donated a suburban.  Just saying thank you seems a bit pedestrian but I’m not sure what else to do.  It was generous and much appreciated.  Since this is a blog about Minnesota North and North Dakota and our “life together”, if you are ever in the neighborhood of Oslo stop by and say hello and thank you.