Talking about the church calendar with some confirmation students was an interesting exercise in perspective.  I was trying to give them an understanding of the rhythm of confession and absolution that we live in within the larger context of a liturgical calendar.  Folks without a liturgy live in a kind of religious poverty to my way of thinking.  In Advent we wait for our coming King.  At Christmas we worship God made flesh. At Epiphany we worship Jesus who is the Savior of all men.  The Wise men from the East represent that out flowing love of God to all, not just to the house of Israel.

So I went through all the seasons of the church year, the various colors on the altar and the customs of the seasons.  The students seemed a interested as they usually do which is just on the edge of napping. Then I went back and quizzed them and in asking about Epiphany one of the students said, “that starts with visit of the Wise guys”.  I didn’t argue.  I an happy for small favors.