I wrote about the fact that a church in Minnesota seemed to be a twin of Trinity in Drayton and someone also wrote about the similarity in style of churches around here – newer models form the 60 and 70’s.  I remember the discussion about the various field stone churches that were designed by – and I can’t believe that I remember the name – Schoenrock.  Anyway there are a lot of connections with this name .  If any of the Schoenrock family can comment it would be great…………………..

Dana Kitsch wrote: “Schoenrock is  the family of architecture based out of Wisconsin (I think). David is the son who lived in Hazen. The churches they built are easily picked out.  My parents’ home on the farm NW of Hazen, the addition is designed by  them and the fireplace is built out of left over stone from a church. 4 homes in Hazen (including David’s) were designed by them, others were Balas, Chase, Drath who were all members of St. Matthews. David Jr. is a civil engineer in Grand Forks and the others are all spread out.”