imageI was at church at the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod International Center is St. Louis and the Pastor is Tim Weedon who asked the question, ” did you eat today”.  When some of us said yes he said, “well you won’t have to eat the rest of the day”.

He was trying to make a point that my mother made on occasion.  When it was bath time I would say that it was a point less endeavor.  “Why should I take a bath, I just get dirty again?”  Her response was “why should I feed you, you just get hungry again”.

Weedon’s point was that we need to constantly hear the message and receive the gifts that God gives in the worship service.  We should be hungry again and need to eat again.  We get dirty again and need to be washed in the blood of the Lamb, again and again.

It is a good point and needs to be repeated again and again.  the problem is that we need to be in the church to hear it.