Our blog  is meant to show all the ways we “connect” and “cross” in the work of mercy/mission done in Christ’s name.  I first began seeing the wide range of mercy work done in the church by individuals and groups within congregations when I was doing some work with First Lutheran in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  I remember many different folks coming up and saying how they wanted to “do something”.  Then when I heard the things that were being done I was stunned.  Anyway, here is a very little thing that I think makes a big difference.  Like Trinitiy’s trip to the rescue center it is one of those things done in Christ’s name that show we are, as Church, citizens of our communities and good neighbors.  It is not just good public relations, it is a way fo showing the love of Christ as you will see below.  Wanda Bunes sent me this little note about the “block party”.  This is the kind of thing we are looking for in this blog.  Not only to chronicle what is done, but to show “whose we are”.

First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Grand Rapids, MN annually holds an “end of summer” picnic ( Block Party) on the church grounds,  even vacating 8th Street north of the church. The week before the picnic church members go house to house in the neighborhood, inviting each household to come and have lunch with us. This year a letter has been sent out to each family whose children  attended our VBS inviting them to come.
Lunch is cooked by LWML members., there are games for the children, and live music by different member’s music groups (bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, country music, kids music).
Many of the church boards set up a booth with photos, pamphlets, “free stuff”.  An “end of garden” table with excess garden produce is set up.
A plastic bag is given out to each person to take advantage of the ‘free stuff.’  Church members circulate and visit with non-members.

This is our 4th year, several neighbors commented last year how much they look forward to this neighborhood event.
The goal of this picnic is to fellowship with neighbors, share God’s love and have fun.

First Lutheran Grand Rapids Minnesota

I hope to get pictures of this event.

Check them out at http://www.firstluthgr.org/