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I thought I had a pretty good handle on information from around the church and a good network of people who keep me informed of stuff.  My mother asked me if I had heard that Glen Korb had died and I hadn’t.  Glen came to Rock Lake North Dakota three months before I came to Grafton/Drayton and we became pretty good friends.  He became my parents pastor and his ministry was appreciated.

Glen was one of those bachelors that would wear plaid pants and suit coats.  I told him there was nothing wrong with that as long as it was the same plaid. I suggested that perhaps he simply wear his clergy blacks all the time, something I normally don’t encourage.  We went fishing through the ice on Rock Lake one winter and sure enough, under his overalls was the black clergy shirt.

He married Dr. Linda Tietz, a veterinarian.  Pastor Howard Jording had been giving honorary Doctorates from the University of Southern ND or something like that, I forget because I never got one.  He presented one to Pastor Korb and said, “I hereby present this to you so that you can get up in the morning and greet your wife by saying “good morning Doctor” and she can say the same”.  Pastor Korb was faithful and conscientious Pastor and I enjoyed his company.  He moved away and went to Minnesota and I lost track of him.  I am sorry about that.  This is a little late but….

October 29, 2013

Rev. Glenn L. Korb

The Mankato Free Press       Tue Oct 29, 2013, 04:29 PM CDT

— Rev. Glenn L. Korb, age 69, of Waseca died on Sunday, October 27, 2013 at his home in Waseca.
Glenn Lee Korb was born on March 15, 1944, in Du Bois, Pennsylvania to Jesse and Twila (Himes) Korb.  He attended school in Pennsylvania and worked for a time in New York State before entering the US Army in 1965.  He served two years, spending time in various locations in the US and in Germany.  In 1972, he received his Associate of Arts Degree and in 1974, he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State University of New York in Buffalo. From 1974 until 1978 he studied to prepare for full-time ministry.  He received his Master of Divinity Degree on February 24, 1978 from the Concordia Theological Seminary at Fort Wayne, IN.  He was ordained at his hometown congregation in Troutville, PA on March 19, 1978.
Pastor Korb served All Nations Lutheran Church in Rock Lake, ND from April of 1978 until December of 1990.  He had also been pastor to Trinity Lutheran Church in Egeland, ND from 1978 until its disbanding in 1987.   He has served Trinity Lutheran Church-Wilton Township and Immanuel Lutheran Church-Freedom Township from January 1991 until August 2013.  He also conducted services at Colony Court and Lake Shore Inn.
He married Linda Tietz on September 26, 1980, at All Nations Lutheran Church in Rock Lake, ND.
He is survived by his wife, Linda of Waseca; four children, Sarah Korb of Milwaukee, WI, Rev. Jared Korb of Worland, WY, Micah Korb of Winter Haven, FL, and Caleb Korb of Fargo, ND.