Hong Kong Voting

“The church needs constantly to reappraise its foreign policy; particularly now, in view of the momentous forces reshaping the world scene. After a century of comparatively free mission movement, we have come upon an era of increasing hostility to the spread of the Gospel. The effects of aggressive Communism, dying colonialism, and rising nationalism hamper the mission program in many fields. Limited mission undertakings must be seen against the vast throng of people for whom Christ died, yet who are dying without Christ. The church should rise to the challenge of the new day with every effective mission tool and policy.” This was written back in 1953, in an era of great mission activity by a Pastor named A. Karl Boehmke.

I like this idea of a church foreign policy.  We have seen a policy for years in the East for instance, that was really to appease communist China.  In Hong Kong we heard that we could not go hard with Gospel proclamation and the start of churches because we didn’t want to upset the Chinese in Beijing.  Then we are told that there is freedom of religion in China by the very people that told us to be careful.  We had mission presence but no mission for years.  Now there is a tremendous thing that we woke up to this morning, and that is an incredible turn out of pro democracy voting in Hong Kong.   This is a worthy discussion because it has to do with mercy and mission and the most important things that we as Christians can do in our life.

This is important because it deals with politics as well and how everything that politics touches can be corrupted.