I have never considered myself to be a poet.  I like to write words that rhyme and so I guess that is poetry in a sense.  When ever I put a poem on this blog I usually get a reaction from folks who like poems so even though I might think it is doggerel there are some who like it.   Here is a poem that I wrote a few years ago when I read the story of Samuel being called in the night and running back and forth to Eli who finally told him to say “speak Lord your servant listens”.  We remember that story from Sunday School but we forget that God told Samuel that he was going to destroy the person that was raising him and that was Eli.  The word of God to Samuel was a word of judgement that would make the ears of those who heard it “tickle”.  I thought about another midnight voice that speaks my forgiveness and that is Jesus.  Anyway I wrote music and put this poem to that music and I think that you can hear it at the Popple Ridge Pickers concert at Immanuel in Grand Forks this Sunday the 21st at 4pm, 1710 Cherry St, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Tell You What I’m Gonna Do

Jesus walked on the water, Peter thought he’d do the same, when he took his eyes off Jesus he sank beneath the waves.

I may never walk on the water, but I tell you what I’m gonna do – gonna keep my eyes on Jesus till my looking days are through –

My looking days are though.


Samuel was a baby when he heard a voice in his head and it called him three times in the night and it got him out of bed

I may never be a Samuel but I tell you I’m gonna do, I’m gonna do, say “speak Lord you servant listens till my listening

days are through

Listening days are through


Gonna keep my eyes on Jesus, gonna follow where he leads, gonna listen for that midnight voice that for my

forgiveness pleads.  Gonna keep my eyes on the Savior who took away God’s wrath, gonna follow where he leads me

no matter how dark the path.


Matthew was a tax man and he charged an extra fee and one day Jesus called him and said come and follow me.

I may never be a Matthew but I tell you I’m gonna do – I’m gonna follow Jesus till my following days are through.

Following days are through.