questionsI have questions that I would like answered by someone, anyone, anywhere.  Here they are ……………..

Who really lives in the private sector?

We spent 500 million dollars to train 500 Syrian Rebels, about 5 of whom made it to the battle field.  By my math, which is not the same as governemnt math, that is 100 million dollars per person.  Can I have a hundred million dollars and I promise I won’t go to Syria either?

Estimates of course vary widely, but it is believed that we spent about 100,000 dollars for every person enrolled just to get them enrolled in Obama care.  The website was a disaster and that was the initial cost.  What some are saying now is that it is going to cost 50,000 a year to pay for the insurance for the folks that did enroll.  Can I just have 150,000 dollars and I will take care of myself out of pocket?

What does selling dead baby parts out of coolers have to do with womens health?

We are told that we can’t fire anybody at the V.A.  Can we charge anyone with murder?

Where are the sanctuary cities for U.S. citizens?

When the 1980’s called and asked for their foreign policy back, who answered the phone?

Someone smartly pointed out that we have big ships that we can fly airplanes off of, and big ships called submarines that go under the water.  Where are they?

Someone compared negotiating with the NRA to negotiating with the Iranians or the Communists.  The last I heard about negotiation with those folks we were told that we got good deals, so what is the problem?

“If pro is the opposite of con, what is the opposite of progress?” That one is from Steven Wright who is a comedian.

We can’t take care of our vets.  The IRS doesn’t understand its own rules.  The State Department doesn’t know how to operate email, supposedly, and no one knows how many of us have been hacked on our computers.  The Department of the Interior can’t take care of all the problems in the national parks but they have a huge budget to advertise .  HUD can’t figure out how not to loose billions every year in fraud and the Department of Education asks for help constantly from regular old citizens to help educate our kids.  The EPA just polluted hundreds of miles of a river, claim they are underfunded, yet they have enough money to run commercials for their hare-brained schemes.  The Secret Service can’t figure out if the signer at a presidents speech is actually signing for the deaf or signalling to UFO’s circling the planet.  Why does anyone think that these folks need or deserve more money?

Is there a hidden message in Hiliary Clinton calling an investigation into her emails a “witch hunt”?

If you believe that everyone should receive a free college education, how about starting by not charging colleges $250,000 to speak there?

What is a “progressive” that wants to get things done?  Is it a communist that is not in a hurry?

And finally how do you get elected President by impugning, making fun of , or calling half the population names?