DSCN0200Pastor Mike Geddings of Cross Pointe Lutheran in Fargo wrote those words after his trip to Kenya with the Project 24/Mary Okeyo trip (see blog for Oct 9).  People going on those trips all comment that one of the great feelings that one gets is the sense of fellowship and incredible unity.  I can still remember the emotions of hearing “A Mighty Fortress” being sung in Kiswahili.

This is Pastor Karl Weber a Pastor in Ottertail Minnesota who recently went to Kenya to see the rejuvenation of Project 24.  As he served the body and blood of Christ to the brothers and sisters there, my guess is that he was struck by the same thought as Pastor Geddings.  Not only does the church transcend borders and languages and cultures, it transcends time and space.  When we join in the great “Sanctus” (Holy, Holy, Holy) we join with all the company of heaven in union and fellowship with Christ, lauding and praising Christ’s glorious name.  That is the name into which Pastors Geddings and Weber were baptized , that is the name they confess and the One whom they serve.  That was a great experience for them as they received God’s gifts in this Service.

For those of you that have never been a part of a multi – language, multicultural, worship service just wait – you will.