There is a quote that comes to my mind quite often and it has to do with Jesus in the Garden and the prayer he prays to the Father that the cup be taken away from him.  That is in Luke 22 and Matthew 26. He goes on with the phrase ” nevertheless, not my will but yours be done”.  As I said I heard it and hoarded it away somewhere and it came back.  When we are   Confronted with difficulty or what some call the tribulations of life go to the task of asking God to take the trial away. At some find we make the transition to “nevertheless”.   It is the struggle to align our will with God’s, and not the other way around.

Looking the quote up it comes first from Harry Emerson Fosdick but more famously from Martin Luther King.


“How one moves out from “let this cup pass from me” to “nevertheless.”  This determines your life. This determines how you will live it. This determines how the very destiny of your life unfolds, how you are able to move from “let this cup pass from me” to “nevertheless.” This is the great transition, and this is the test of an individual’s life. This is the central test of life. We must learn the rigorous test of moving from “let this cup pass from me” to “nevertheless”.