Chris Wallace had a commercial for his program on FOX in which he claimed that as a “journalist”, he was interested in “What happens next”.  This is interesting because the news used to be about what happened – who, what, when, where and why?  What happens next is the future long considered the realm of soothsayers, necromancers and astrologers.

One of the so-called witnesses on the impeachment inquiry spoke in a private meeting the the president in his call to a foreign leader was in a position of power over that leader and therefore the call was inappropriate and abusive.  An unequal position of power is a bad thing.  Well, it may be a bad thing in employer and employee relationships, counselor and counseled relationships etc, but it would seem to be most proper in a rough world of nuclear weapons and hot and cold wars for a President of the United States to be in a position of power and to excercise that power.  In such a world a president should be impeached if he did not excercise that power.

If withholding aid that had started to flow,or to hold it up for a while is egregious and a sign of bribery, what is denying the aid in the first place. after a pledge of protection?