“I don’t think that we will ever get to a point where there is no uncertainty” said a Wall Street analyst.  Wow, he gets paid for thoughts like that.  If there were no uncertainty he would be one of the first to be uncertain that the certainty was good.

I was looking for a book on Amazon and they had it in an “Audible audio format”.  That is a new innovation over the inaudible audio books that I had purchased before.

One of the candidates asked the question why anyone would need a hundred round clip for an AR-15?  He said you don’t need a hundred rounds to hunt deer, so why?  Then when someone asked him what his gun policy was he said that he would come and take the guns away.  Politicians never seem to understand when they have answered their own questions.

Another of the candidates making a statement about some inane issue said that “Robert Bork is laughing in his sleep”.  Robert Bork has been dead for 7 years.

Believe it or not the notion of “demonizing rich people” came up in a debate and the entire exchange turned into a demonstration that if you don’t demonize rich people, you are a bad candidate.  What is fascinating is the way these clowns calculate who is rich.  One of the former brain wizards was asked back in the day about his tax policy.  His administration had promised to tax the rich and by that he defined rich as people who made a million dollars.  Someone said that he had a family of five and made $100,000 a year and his taxes went up after the brain wizard got his way..  How is that possible he asked? and the answer from the genius was that making that much money after ten years he was a millionaire.  The gentlemen asking the question seemed to be gob smacked and had no response.  That is the reaction to regular people to this kind of stupidity.

Never let a crisis go to waste.  The latest leftists running for President figured it out.  One of the crisis in this country is period discrimination, and there is a period awareness day locked into law by the same kind of brain wizards that beleive that people who make 100,000 dollars a year are millionaires.  There are people, evidently in the USA, who have to make a decision between going to work everyday or staying home because they cannot afford period products.  That number of course includes men who we have been informed, “have periods too”.  The problem evidently is really bad among the incarcerated, which reminds me of a story from long ago.  Evidently up here in the North country we had a police chief who was of Norwegian descent and had a heavy Norwegian accent .  He had a women in jail, and he had never arrested a women before.  As she awaiting trial she confronted him one morning and demanded a certain feminine product, to which he replied “you yust go eat your veaties like everyone else”

So now Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian  asset.  This is really a cool campaign strategy.  What ever happens that you don’t like is because of the Russians.  Remember these are the folks that couldn’t catch a moose and a squirrel, but they are ubiquitous in presidential campaigns.  We are being told that everything depends on stopping Russian interference, but I will make a bet right now with anyone out there, that if a Democrat wins the next election there will not be a mention of Russians anywhere at anytime by anyone on the left or the media.

So now we find out that the policy of shutting off power during fire season in California means that 2 years of cancer research went up in smoke.  Well, if didn’t go up in smoke, but there was no backup generator to keep the research refrigerated.  I think that is pretty stupid but not as stupid as the cancer researchers think we are for continuing to support their research.  What is a few million lost here and there the folks that pay the bills will always come through, and if they don’t we can tax them?

There is a group that desperately needs a social media representative and that is the polar bear.  After years of telling us that the polar bears were dying off because of climate change folks with cameras and actual knowledge about the Arctic have to admit that there are 4 times as many polar bears in the Arctic than there were 40 years ago.  While stupid people change their life styles to try and help the polar bear, they were out their on the not melting ice flows reproducing. So polar bears will not be featured in electric car commercials or sugary drink commercials anymore.  That’s the way of the left.  Polar bears were cute when they could convince us they were dying and now that their propaganda value is diminished so is the coverage.  You can always gull the stupid with a cute icon.  I wonder what the new environmental climate change featured animal will be?