This from Mike Huckabee.

I’m a follower of Jesus and though I am far from perfect on that path, I truly am grateful for the grace of God in my life. I’ve also been in the political arena for almost 30 years and I get questioned or even challenged often about reconciling living in the kingdom of God with living in the rough, sometimes savage world of the kingdom of politics & government. Sometimes, the questions are honest and simple, such as “how can you be a Christian and engage in something as mean and vicious as politics?” And then there are the people who usually admit they aren’t even believers, but who blast me on social media platforms like Twitter and seek to shame me by saying something I’ve said or done “isn’t very Christian.”

Huckabee goes on to talk about his own personal rules of engagement which is a good read.  It brings to a head again the entire question of the lines between politics and religion.  Where do they intersect and how?.  We have already heard from one of the founding Fathers of the US that progressives have adopted progressivism as a religion.  So whether we want to admit it or not there can be no separation of religion and politics when when side of the political spectrum sees their cause as religious.

When progressivism gets involved in politics and religion it corrupts both.  There is anecdotal evidence of the corruption of Social Service agencies, aid and medical relief from religious organizations, clerical and prayer relief, and accusations of interference with direct relief efforts from religious organizations, when confronted with foundations and organizations who identify as “progressive”.

Mission work and Christian education suffers when progressive tendencies are an influence.  NGO’s are effected when progressivism is introduced.  It may be on small items but the aggregate is coercive and corrosive.