“Every dog has it’s day” is an old saying and in our world it bears itself out in so many ways.  With social media everyone seems to be heard whether we want to listen or not.  Even a rather shambolic guy like me can have a blog.  Then there are the observances. There are international days for just about everything and national days fill in the blanks.  My computer automatically goes to a news feed every morning and yesterday my news feed had a picture of a rabbit and the question of what rabbit babies are called.  Well I knew the answer to that but what was the rest of the story about?  I was busy and just glanced but I thought I saw something about National Rabbit something.  What made the day interesting was upon my entry into my garden I saw this guy freeze in the act of eating one of my flowers.  So I went back and started checking things out on observances.  It would be uncouth to shoot this guy on a day meant to celebrate him.  Evidently the news feed was gearing up for National Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month in July or Rabbit week July 15-21.  There is also International Rabbit day in September.

There are other interesting observances such as  Creative Maladjustment Week, the week before National Rabbit week.  The lists go on and on which leads to question why do we feel the need to observe and honor all kinds of stuff?  The bigger question is why give these things attention?  An even bigger question is how did this come to be?  Here I am writing out for you the observances of various things that will be held in the first half of July.

National Unassisted Homebirth Week: July  1-7,Be Nice To New Jersey Week: July  2-8 (First Full Week). Freedom Week: July  4-10 Creative Maladjustment Week: July  7-14.  National Tom Sawyer Days: 7-9? (aka Fence Painting Days) National Farriers Week: July  9-15 (First Full Week) Sports Cliché Week: July  9-15 (Always Week of Maj. League Baseball).  Nude Recreation Weekend: 10-16 (First Week).  National Ventriloquism Week: July  12-15 Rabbit Week: July  15-22.

If I would continue down the list you would see recognition of Hemingway look- a -likes, Farriers, Lumberjacks and single working women.  I didn’t have time to go into more lists and see what other kind of stuff is recognized or observed but, did the farriers all of a sudden feel underappreciated and take to the streets with their hoof knives and horse shoes and riot?  Did they have a mail in campaign to get noticed?

Anyway, not long after the rabbit stuff was over, I get an email from retired LCMS District Presidents making their opinion known before the Synodical vote for President.  I am not sure if it is good churchmanship or not.  I know that when District Presidents retired back in the day they kept quiet, even when someone wanted their opinion.  An email like this looks like sour grapes and sniping but that is just me.  Maybe it is just the general need to be recognized and have someone pay attention to you.  I could have made this all about retired District Presidents and how they should have their own day, but I think I choose the rabbit.  I would suggest the District Presidents should make their opinions known during Creative Maladjustment Week.