The last few blogs have talked about the little things of life and how after a life changing event, like an illness or an operation or the death of a loved one, those little things take on big proportions.  Sometimes the life changing events happen when we confront the realities of how most of the worlds population actually lives.  My life changing event happened in Kenya.  I have said about that event that ‘something awful happened to me” over there.  I mean that the things that I saw and the people that I met in our sister church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya filled me with “awe”.
When the Grace Lutheran Church of Hibbing Quilting Ladies made their quits and we got them over to Kenya, the joy of the childrens faces when they saw them filled me with awe.  Later on that trip I watched as a Kenyan mother who was obviously homeless wrapped up what appeared to be all of her earthly possessions in what I am convinced was an LWML/World Relief quilt.  She tied it up and balanced it on her head and picked up a liitle boy and walked away.  That filled me with awe as well.  Everything she had in the world was in that quilt.
Maryann Anderson in Bismarck North Dakota at Holy Cross, one of our new Mission starts is trying to take care of the some of the “little things”.  She writes,
“If it ever works into a blog could you ask if any one has extra yarn, does not need to be full skeins, if they would like to donate them I would put them to good use. I think you know that I have tried for several years to get mittens,hats and scarves to those on the Standing Rock Reservation. These have been given out through the Veterans Industry, their Food Pantry and to the three Women and Children’s Shelters. I would love to partner with their Food Pantry and have extra, warm, winter coats etc. and these hats and mittens ready to give out early in the fall. I haven’t been able to do this but it is a goal for me. We would have copies of the New Testament available too. Maybe you can toss this thought around and come up with something.” 
I think I might have some extra yarn laying around somewhere.  If you do please contact me at and I will get you in contact with Maryann.  That would be awesome.