Evidently the EPA came out with a declaration that people should leave their Air Conditioners on 88 when they are gone and turn it down to 85 when they go to bed and turn a fan on.  They had some other crazy ideas about the temperature in a home during the day.  They are of course a Federal Agency who should know what they are talking about, much like the Federal Agency that had one job; to keep a high profile pedophile millionaire alive for trial.  There is also a Federal agency that was warned about Russian attacks on our elections, supposedly by congressmen and the President and now are running around saying that it happened even as they tried to stop it.  Anyway it would be easy to fill up pages of bureaucratic stupidity but it sure nice to hear another bureaucracy snap to and call stupid what it is .

I lived in Missouri and can attest that there are times when the humidity was beyond belief.  I remember writing out an assignment and the paper became like wet toilet paper and the ink smudged.  We finally got an air conditioner and it made a huge difference.  I remember when there were storms and the power would go out and the alacrity with which the power was worked on and the reason was because of the heat.  Elderly people and children need the air conditioner.

The company that runs the power for Missouri came out and basically told their customers to ignore the EPA declaration because they might die if they followed it.  Now of course the crowd on one side says they want to keep the AC going to make more money, but the other crowd is saying maybe the EPA wants people to die to save the planet.  Both seem a bit over the top but what isn’t these days.