God is everywhere that is true.  One of the lasting points of the Reformation comes from Luther’s arguments with Zwingli over the Lord’s Supper.  In that argument there was the contention that God is everywhere even in a bowl of pea soup.  The omnipresence of God is an attribute that Christians have believed and the Od Testament folks before them.  That Christ reigns with God means that wherever God is there too, is Christ.  Christ is everywhere, but in the Lord’s Supper He is there for me and you personally.

The gift of the Holy Supper gives us a strengthened faith, patience under trials, and of course the forgiveness of sins.  Bishop Ignatius of Antioch, described the Eucharist as “the medicine of immortality, and the antidote to prevent us from dying but which causes that we should live forever in Jesus Christ.”   It is strength and hope for the dying and so as someone once said, “You go to the Lord’s Supper as if going to your death, so that you can go to your death as if you are going to the Lord’s Supper.”