I was going to try and call this picture “UFO’s over Redrocks” but I figured it probably would’nt work.  Graduation for my nephew was held in Redrocks amphitheater on a rather warm and sunny day.  I think we spent 4 hours there listening to 500 names being called and really only caring about one – my nephews.  It brought back memories of the last time I was there.  It was 1987 and I had taken the girls from Drayton church to the Youth Rally and one of the events was at Redrocks.  While there a storm came up as they will do in the foothills complete with lightening and hail and extremely heavy rain.  Everyone wanted to evacuate the place and as we went up the stairs to the buses on the backside the water was so deep and strong coming down the stairs, people were falling and getting drenched and there was a lot of screaming.  Meanwhile the lightening was pretty scary.  When we finally got in the bus and started back towards Denver we could see the lights of ambulances and other emergency vehicles coming up to us.

Back at the hotel I found out that Tom Brokaw led the nightly news with our adventure and my room phone had practically melted from the parents calling to see if their child was ok.  Anxiously waiting at home for the announcement of that one name that meant everything to them.  I spent the better part of an hour returning calls.  That was before cell phones and twitter.

Someone on the radio said something profound the other day.  He was talking of Doctors and nurses and how they needed to treat everyone as if they were special because to someone everyone is.  Treat people as special because to someone they are.  Everyone deserves to have someone who will sit for four hours in the hot sun to hear their name called.

We all may not have that in our familes and friends, but there is one who treats all of us as special because to him we are.  Christ died and rose again so that someday our name will be recorded in the book of life.  He  will read those names and he wants to hear our names read.  Everyone of us.