The “Twilight Zone” episode called the “Obsolete Man” had a tag line about overreaching States and totalitarian  regimes that believed the Government had an answer for everything.  Rod Serling  the writer and host of the series said that these regimes had “one iron rule: logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.”

Logic has certainly disappeared from our discourse and what appears to be political debate.  Little things that in a normal environment would be thought about and exposed and discussed are not dealt with in a logical manner, they are simply thrown out in the public square hoping that they might stick somewhere.  Some examples for the recent past in the never ending “Russia Collusion” story happened after the election.  If you member the Russian collusion story was full of sound and fury that there had been all kinds of collusion and back stage working between the Trump folks and Russian operatives before the election.  A few weeks after the election the folks in the White House were accused of trying to open up a “back channel” with the Russians and Trumps critics went crazy.  So let us apply logic.  The press and critics cannot have it both ways.  The search for a back channel proves there was no collusion.  If there was collusion there already was a back channel.

Let’s try another one.  There was a time when democrats and republicans were screaming that James Comey the FBI director be fired.  There were lists of reasons that he should be fired and all of them were for cause.  When he was fired a fire storm arose and the whole idea was raised of obstruction of justice because it might lead to an end of the collusion investigation.  Logic insists that this is impossible because investigations go on because there are other investigators.  How about “free college tuition”.  Logic would say that the main victims of free tuition are the professors and teachers who logically could not get paid but…..

Oh well it is time to understand it has nothing to do with logic but emotions.  No wonder that the Biblical view of politics and governments and all this stuff is amusement.

Psalm 2 English Standard Version (ESV)

The Reign of the Lord‘s Anointed

Why do the nations rage[a]
    and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth set themselves,
    and the rulers take counsel together,
    against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying,
“Let us burst their bonds apart
    and cast away their cords from us.”

He who sits in the heavens laughs;
    the Lord holds them in derision.
Then he will speak to them in his wrath,
    and terrify them in his fury, saying,
“As for me, I have set my King
    on Zion, my holy hill.”

I will tell of the decree:
The Lord said to me, “You are my Son;
    today I have begotten you.
Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage,
    and the ends of the earth your possession.
You shall break[b] them with a rod of iron
    and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

10 Now therefore, O kings, be wise;
    be warned, O rulers of the earth.
11 Serve the Lord with fear,
    and rejoice with trembling.
12 Kiss the Son,
    lest he be angry, and you perish in the way,
    for his wrath is quickly kindled.
Blessed are all who take refuge in him.