Someone has said that the Resurrection of Jesus is the most well attested to fact in history.  I am not so sure but I do know that Paul says that the risen Christ appeared to over 500 people including himself (1 Corinthians 15).  Luke says that at Pentecost there were about 120 believers.  What happened to the other 380?  Evidently a resurrection is not enough to make a believer anymore than water becoming wine; thousands being fed with little; blind seeing; lame walking etc.  Having a sea parted and escaping an Egyptian army didn’t engender a lot of faith either.  As Abraham said to the rich man, “they have Moses and the Prophets and if they do not believe them neither will they believe if someone rises from the dead.” (Luke 16)

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes from the word about Christ.”  (Romans 10)  We have the word of Moses and the Prophets and we have the prophetic word made more sure in Christ Himself.  Happy Easter!  Christ is Risen.  We have the Word.