Our Lenten Devotional services start tomorrow night.  They are based on a theme – “The Lord of the Universe and Me”.  As we travel with Jesus on the road to the Cross we meditate upon Psalms.   We began on Ash Wednesday and continue every Wednesday evening until Holy Week worshipping with Evening prayer and hearing a message from Psalms 103, 130, 139, 111, 22.

March 8 Psalm 139:1-6 – He Knows All About Me and Loves Me Anyway.

If you watch the news you can see how quickly we can identify criminals and problems by the cameras that are all over our world. People are surprised when they get a ticket in the mail because they missed a stop light in a far city, and the stop light took a picture either of them, or the license plate of the car they were driving and they were caught.

Human beings are schizophrenic about their privacy. They want to be alone and they want privacy and yet the fact that we are all, in the end alone, is depressing. When we sin and our consciences accuse us we really begin to feel alone and helpless and perversely we want to alone because we don’t want anyone to know about our sin. What wretched people we are.

So the fact that God knows everything is either going to be terrifying or comforting based on our relationship with His Word – which do you prefer?