I have received quite a bit of feed back on the blog from yesterday concerming the Park River Pregnancy Help Center (January 28) and the bottle that we handed out in church Sunday.  One wag wrote – “it’s empty”.  Well yes it is but, I have until the 17th of February to fill it up.

I also got this response from Maryann Anderson who has contributed before –

We have one (bottle) sitting on our organ for the FirstChoice Clinic West in Bismarck.  The Bismarck/Mandan Chapter of Lutherans for Life have been involved in  assisting this worthwhile cause.  Our LFL numbers are dwindling and I wonder  why.  The need to address the life issue from conception to natural death is  needed now more then ever.  My prayer is that more LCMS members would become members of LFL.  We only have two chapters in the State of ND that I am aware of.  One serving the Fargo/Moorhead area and the one here.  I ask all who read  this to remember LFL in their prayers and also the Pregnancy Centers trying to save lives.

Decline in membership in all of these things from the LFL to the LWML to the LLL to churches in general is a question that we are asking at all levels of the church.  Part of the reason is that the involved  members are getting older and dying.  The other reason is that the younger people simply don’t care.  I’m sure some will try to argue with me that that is not true but……

Anyway I got this off of President Harrisons blog.

march for life