“Annually, the congregations of the LCMS are asked to observe life Sunday during the month of January.  Many of the congregations of our Synod did so last Sunday.  We do so today.  In this morning’s reading from I Corinthians 12, Paul follows up on the passage from last week, in which he assured the Christians in Corinth that God gave His Church the gifts of His Spirit necessary for her to be the Church.  In this morning’s reading he deals with those who are jealous of other’s gifts, as well as with those who consider their gifts to be greater than others.  In his admonition to the Corinthians regarding the body, the Church, Paul touches on a valuable principle regarding life and our responsibility to honor the weakest among us.”

So said Pastor Alan Taylor in a sermon based on the epistle lesson for yesterday from 1 Corinthians 12.

We have talked about the various ways we can witness ot our faith and serve the neighbor up here in the North Country.  Last week officials of our church marched in Washinton at the march for life rally.  The LCMS has long been a voice for the unborn since Roe V. Wade was unveiled fourty years ago.  Year after year our Church calls for the end of abortion and care for the life from conception to natural death and yet some don’t always get the message.  For some reason the folks who run a local pregnancy help center got the impression that I would not “be on board” with their program in assisting women through their pregnancies.  I’m not sure where that came from but I am going to set the record straight today in this blog.

The Pregnancy Help Center in Park River North Dakota came up with a great idea.  They give you a baby bottle and you fill it up with your loose change and give it back to them.  We got ours in church today and will return them in church on Febriary 17th.  the money goes to support their work of helping women and giving them an alternative to abortion.  Great idea and I would encourage everyone to help as they can.

Here’s my bottle………………….

baby bottle

In case you didn’t get the address and would like to help

Pregnancy Help Center

Box 626

Park River North Dakota 58270