My Niece the Bride

The wedding of my niece is October 19 on the beach in North Carolina.  Rehearsal was last night and nice.  Air travel was insane and ridiculous. But that is another story.  Sitting here going over stuff and my brother sends a text with link.  Here is what it said.

“Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019 will be the most popular wedding day of the year. Nearly 34,000 US couples will say “I do” Oct. 19, according to the Knot and WeddingWire. Approximately 33,874 couples are registered at both sites and say their wedding date is Saturday, Oct. 19.

Fall weddings continue to grow in popularity. Today’s couples love the rich colors, the seasonal foods, the warm and cozy settings and the atmosphere that an autumn afternoon or evening can bring to a wedding.

On Saturday, 4.3 million guests will attend a wedding with 1.7 million of those guests traveling out of town to do so, according to WeddingWire.

On average, each wedding guest spends $430 attending a wedding, including a wedding gift for the to-be-weds. However, this price fluctuates significantly depending on whether travel is involved. For those staying local, the average cost comes down to $180, whereas guests who fly out of town are looking at an average of $1,440 due to air travel and accommodations like hotels or property rentals.”


So that’s cool but what is it about millennials?  Are they like a hive or the borg or the Zombies in the movies that they just decide spontaneously that October 19 is the best day or a wedding?  I don’t know, but someone should do research.