Back in the day before wedding planners, there were moms and aunts and preachers.  The preacher arranged the rehearsal and the wedding.  He chose the readings and the sermon text.  Moms and aunts worked on the dinners and receptions etc.  The generation that chose October 19 as the most popular wedding day this year seemingly by some kind of osmosis or collective consciousness has refined weddings in interesting ways.  The timing of the wedding in this case was geared to the setting of the sun for pictures.  Luckily for the preacher there was a storm coming that allowed for the preacher to run on a bit.  There were fascinating refinements and added touches  like a a large artistic wall board on which were hung a wide variety of donuts and folks leaving were  invited to help themselves.  That was a nice touch to all those who had traveled a long way.  There was also a cigar bar outside that was much appreciated.  The food was amazing.

Congratulations to my niece and her new husband.