The area around Houston has a larger population than the entire population of 25 states.  Some have said that a trillion gallons of water  dumped on that area by hurricane Harvey. These pictures are residents of a nursing home and are stunning. They bring back memories of Lutheran Church Missouri Synod World Relief and Human Care days and the efforts that were made after Katrina. The government of course has his hands full with the ongoing disaster,  and the Red Cross will be there over the short term.   Salvation Army does wonderful work but disaster workfrom church Missouri Synod comes in after the original responders are gone, and the ongoing needs  are identifiied and what work still needs to be done. The world relief concept is to help the congregations and then use the congregation as a force multiplier to go out in the community and help others. Everything I’m seeing hearing,  and reading say that this could be the biggest natural disaster in the history of the United States even when we count Katrina. The work of clean up and the help needed will last for years. We know that from experience in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Disasters are never to be wished for, and we pray every Sunday that we would be kept safe from fire and flood and civil unrest.   Count the blessings of good government, good weather, the need for fruits of the earth, good neighbors etc. as gifts that God gives because he is loving and merciful. He also gives gifts so we can help and benefit our neighbor in their time of need.

The need will be great in Texas.   It has been difficult to contact pastors and congregations but soon the help will be needed and it will be needed quickly. Please prayerfully consider a gift to help the LCMS response.

The number of LCMS congregations in the affected area where Hurricane Harvey continues to rage is between 127 to 171 depending on the weather models. Houston is in a state of emergency with catastrophic flooding taking place. LCMS World Relief and Human Care, through LCMS Disaster Response is coordinating with Texas District Disaster Response to launch a significant and sustained relief effort. Teams will deploy as soon as the emergency officials allow them to enter the disaster zone. Pray. Your financial gifts will make a difference in helping restore countless lives as we bear Christ’s mercy in word and deed.

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