There is an old saw that says, “where there is smoke there is fire”. Makes sense but for the last few months we have had a strange haze in the air that I am told is smoke but there is no fire around us. The fires are way up in Canada. I have noticed some eye irritation and occasional cough but wondered if it could make you sick. Visiting some folks in the hospital the other day I heard some of the nurses say that it was causing some elderly people to get pretty sick. Interestingly there is not a lot of news about it, and I haven’t heard “boo” out of the EPA. They can force us to use weird looking light bulbs that are so faint we grope in the dark like moles. They can make us change over to Water heaters that don’t really heat much of anything. They make our cars more expensive then they need to be and I am told they came even control your property if you have a large mud puddle on it somewhere. All that power and they can’t stop a Canadian fire. Or a volcano.
So there is one of those illusory correlations – a belief that an environmental protective agency can protect any thing. Two weeks of Canadian fires probably poured more so called pollution into the air than the EPA has ever actually cleaned up. A Krakatoa type volcano can spew 11 cubic miles of ash into the atmosphere. But never fear we are signing global warming treaties all over the place. If we could just get a handle on those pesky borders. To many people from the south; too much smoke from the north.

So for you elderly folks the best advice is to stay inside and use an air conditioner. Just don’t use it too much. Bad for the environment you know.