There is an Austrian/German hymn that has always intrigued me.  It is  called Still, Still, Still and like all songs that have to be translated it loses something in the translation.  In fact most English version don’t even try and translate the German at all.  The first verse in the German version talks about angels “jubilating beautifully” and making music around the manger cradle.  It is the third verse that I find really intriguing –

Great, great, great,
The love is more than great!
God has left his throne
And must go by road.
Great, great, great,
The love is more than great.

That God condescends to take the dusty road to Bethlehem on a donkey inside the womb of Mary is an amazing idea.  “God must go by road”.  Go by road to Egypt because of the murderous intentions of an earthly King.  Go by road into the road less wilderness and be tempted by the devil.  Go by road through the cities and towns of Galilee and Judea.  Go by road into Jerusalem again on a donkey.  Go by road to a garbage dump outside the city walls, carrying His own Cross.  The Love is more than great!