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It is hard for me to get my head around the fact that we are alost through the season of Advent and the celebration of the incarnation of Christ is almost upon us.  this has been one of the stranger years of my life.  My wifes by-pass removed most of the Summer and the Fall meant a lot of catching up and since the week before Thanksgiving people have been remodeling the parsonage kitchen and my office and the dining room.  We have been living under drop clothes and without the kitchen for so long that the idea of actually cooking a meal seems rather strange.  I have been going to a local WIFI hotspot to try and do my emails and bulletins and blogs.  In the middle of all this turmoil I remembered that fabulous statement from John’s Gospel – that the “Word became flesh and pitched His tent among us”.   He entered into our nonsense and all the pain and wonder and joy that makes up our lives.

Here is a great Advent song – this is my cover of Glad’s acapella version of Bill Kauflin’s  song “In the First Light”.