“In order for the United States to thrive in this new century, we need both a thriving realm of faith and a thriving realm of limited government which makes ample room for the practicing of that faith. Ours is a world where everyone seems to be shouting to be heard.  Christians should consider sharing with our beloved country and culture a voice of considered reflection worth listening to, rooted not in a tranquility that is wistful or sentimental, but rather in one that is exquisitely punctuated by a concision worth knowing. It is from such concision that springs an inner strength first surrendered to Christ Himself. That kind of serenity is achievable even amid the noise and haste and tumult of the contemporary world, which is always too much with us.  Those of us who bear the name of Christ owe our country the best that is in us. The taproot is humility, the opposite of pride. G. K. Chesterton wrote: “Humility is the mother of giants.  One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.” Does revealed religion consecrate a country like ours? Yes, I believe it does, and I believe it is the source of our vitality and our future.”  Timothy Goeglein, “Faith, Public Life and the Role of the Christian Citizen in this New Century”, For the Life of the World, February 2012 Volume 16 Number 1.