There was an interesting reaction to a blog I wrote a few days ago where I mentioned being invalid. I have been having some issues which make hard for me to walk and sometimes not being able to perform the worship services the way I would like. It has been a difficult time and when I used the word invalid I meant the ability to do certain things that I never thought about doing before.

We think of validity in terms of worth. An invalid check is worthless as is an invalid legal claim. To say that someone is an invalid, since we are so concerned about labels and how we talk about people, seems a bit excessive. When one starts to think of themselves as invalid I would think that can’t help but lead to depression.

Jesus was always incomparably compassionate with those who seem to be invalid. They go to the top of the list as far as he is concerned and they are not to be denigrated or impugned.
There may be some food for discussion and meditation on Christ’s interaction with those in difficulty. His words to many to “go and be well“ offer encouragement and hope. We will be looking at some of those people and those incidents in the next few days.