So some people have mentioned that they thought I had lost some of my sense of humor over the last few weeks. I don’t think that’s true. I sent a question to my bookkeeping friends asking them if they were wearing PPE while filling out their PPP’s? Some of them thought that was funny. I laughed when I saw that someone had written on the banner of their blog “thou shall not Covid“. There was a certain sick humor to a headline that said that 27 police officers had been injured in a “mostly” peaceful protest somewhere. That headline editor obviously had a sense of humor or was living in an alternate reality.

There is something oddly hilarious about a new idea that toothpaste should not be referred to as “whitening”, and realtors should not call the big bedroom in a house the “master”.

Perhaps the funniest thing I’ve read over the week was a statement that wearing masks was a reflection of personal responsibility. After two generations of denying any such thing as personal responsibility using the wearing of a germ collecting rag even when outside as a sign of virtue was a real rib tickler.