Stephanie won a Student Production Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy®  Chapter.  As I said yesterday this is a big deal.  I remember Stephanie crawling around on the floor of a church at Othoro with the camera and wondering what she was doing.  That piece of footage was about three seconds in the finished product and it is very effective.  I am proud of all the folks that went on that trip.  They all helped in one way or another.  Kyle Novak carried a lot of the gear, Annie Peitscha took a bunch of stills for us, Kurt Daubt took many pictures and helped with the interviews and developing questions, Cheryl Peterson helped keep us all on track.  If you want to see a group of their productions go to Project24Kenya on Youtube –

All of this reminded me that I wrote about that first trip and it is still important – here is the blog from a couple of years ago.

The first Mary Okeyo Scholarship trip as a kind of ‘shake down’ journey and to get video, pictures and interviews.  They worked very hard getting blogs up for us on the trip and when they could have been relaxing on the beach or goofing off they were working and getting interviews and video.

The Minnesota Convention is coming up next week and you will be seeing some of their work.  Stephanie has done a marvelous job on video.  That video will be available later for those who wish to use it in their congregations.

I have been around enough to know how these things go and what kind of talk goes on in the halls and the back of the room at conventions. Lutheran conventions are notorious for wanting everything to be ‘top drawer’ so that we can complain about the excess and the cost. So just so you know the video production cost the Minnesota North and the the North Dakota District nothing.  The camera cost nothing.  The editing cost nothing.  The narrator tried to get paid but didn’t.  So if you want to complain about the costly companies that some use to produce materials and displays go ahead but you can’t complain about this.  The only cost will be in reproducing and getting stuff on flash drives and cd’s.  I want to commend these young people and we will talk more about what they have done and how you can get it later.

Stephanie Erlandson goes to Bethany college.  She lives at Lutheran Island camp and many will know her as Ken Erlandsons’ daughter.  Be sure and watch her video at your convention – she did a great job.