Isaiah 9

I have been looking at outlines from old time Professors on Advent and Christmas Texts.  I was delighted with Professor Hoyers work on Christmas texts and this is a paraphrase of another Von.Rohr Sauer.


We need to be made aware of the darkness, sorrow, bondage, and strife which characterize our human lot, so that we may lay hold on the light, joy, freedom, and peace which Christ brings us and may, in turn, become effective instruments in helping to preserve and expand His kingdom of justice and righteousness.

Darkness is the symbol of ignorance. The worst ignorance is failure to recognize sin for what it is. Bondage points to those habitual sins, those deeply entrenched vices, which quickly become our masters when they are not curbed. Boots and uniforms suggest the bold attitude of those who challenge God’s world leadership and defy Him to bring on His judgment.

The Son is a gift, undeserved by man. God so loved that He gave. The phrase unto us is meaningful. The Son was certainly given, not just for the Jews, not just for the believers, but for all men. All are entitled to His grace and salvation.

Only those, however, who kiss the Son in the allegiance of faith (Ps. 2: 11, 12) can testify and say, “He is given unto us”