I wrote about Kisumu back in November. (November 11 – It’s Africa Man).  Kisumu was constructed and ready to go when water problems developed.  A generous donor sent money to drill a well that came up empty but some of that money was used to run water from the community well to the center.  So far so good.  Children had been identified and ready to be moved when an Africa version of a tornado hit and basically destroyed the roof and much of the equipment inside the buildings.  The first pictures that I saw showed the roof about 500 yards away.

It appears that not a lot has happened since the tornado hit – the roof is still not on and much of the debris has not beeen hauled away.  The pile seems smaller , but it is not gone and I know from my experience in Ukunda/Faraga that inspectors want the debris hauled away and not left on the grounds.  I also know that a roof can go up very quickly.

the rubble pile seems a bit smaller

We met a missionary there with his wife.  His name is Tim Dooms – from Indiana and was supposed to be teaching there and had thought he was going to be starting in January. He seemed dismayed to know that he would still not be working until potentially March.

So once again “it’s Africa man”.

I do see the water tank that was not there before – little steps.

I’m wondering if someone is not questioning the structural integrity of the whole complex?  We shall see.  I hope to hear from Tim Dooms sometime.