Mission from the Cross

Mission involves preaching the Gospel of Salvation through the person and work of Christ.  We are saved by Christ’s doing and dying and it is not about what we do.  Vocation is what we do and how we work out the life that Christ gives us in the world.  The Cross was God’s mission to the world and our missions than are meant to witness to that.

I’m doing a sermon series based on this book.  Our Lenten services will be based on the Cross as God’s Mission and how we participate in that Mission. But on Wednesday, March 12 we will discuss the mission of Christ and
ours as an assertion of God’s love. On March 19 will meditate upon Christ’s mission being universal. On
March 26 we will talk about Christ mission and ours as being the  forgiveness of sins. On April 2 Christ mission establishes lordship over the world and on April 9 Christ’s Mission is to end the struggle between two
dominions. On April 17 Maundy Thursday we think about Christ’s  mission is an establishment of the means of grace. Those six worship  services will all revolve around concepts from Detlev Schultz “Mission from the Cross, available at Concordia Publishing House.