Children at a rescue center school





I love this picture because these children have books and supplies and even back packs.  Many of the children that we deal with do not have any of these things.

Remember the partnerships that we have formed.  Concordia Lutheran Ministries out of Pittsburgh has established 1001 Orphans and we are working with them.  Concordia Gospel Ministries has donated some supplies.  Churches in Minnesota at Elbow Lake and Montevideo have had ingatherings.  Districts are working on building centers.

We tend to focus on the speed in which things happen or do not happen.  Some focus on the belief that we should do no mercy or aid work at all.  Others focus on something else.  I like to focus on these faces.

Jameson Hardy and James Wolf came back from a trip this week.  They saw work going on at Mawira and Harambee.  They had two others in their party that went up to Womba despite warnings not to go that far North.  They stayed in the homes of the locals.  They came back as Hardy reported “blown away”.  Jameson came back on fire again for the work that we and all of our partners are doing there.