Seter Garden

And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.

The words of Christ in Matthew have always haunted me.  We have blogs about the “good stuff” and the little things but they do add up.
I blogged about the wonderful work done in my yard by a group of our friends that got together and planted my wifes flowers while she was in the hospital.  It was wonderful but…… no one could get a handle on the flower garden in the back.  It is hard to see in this picture but we have lilies and decorative grasses and poppies and forget me not’s and spiderworts and all kinds of things that were literally taken over by thistles.  After days of pulling by hand I can finally see the plants for the weeds.  You can also see my artistic eye as I try to match the line of the leaning tree in the neighbors yard with the angle of the ladder against my workshed with the bird bath.  Anyway I got this from Maryann Anderson – remember the yarn lady from a previous blog –
“There is a family who gardens just to the “south” of our plots near the 4-H building in Bismarck who need prayers. I found out from a “neighbor gardener” that the father is seriously ill with lung cancer. The family is young with two children within the ages of 11-8″ish”. Their garden was over grown with weeds and the “neighbor gardener” did clean it. We will be watering it and I and two of the granddaughters will go and weed more today and plant some fall carrots, lettuce and radishes. Our grandchildren and the 4-H Unit Caring Hands they are in was going to donate extra produce to the Hunger Free Garden Project. They still want to do that but also to donate beans and tomatoes to this family. Please pray for this young family and for us to have our eyes and hearts open to the opportunities we have before us to serve them. Thanks again for remembering them.”
 Please pray for us to have our eyes and hearts open to the opportunities we have before us to serve.  What a great prayer.